Valle de Bravo is a beautiful colonial town that has been named an official “Pueblo Magico" of Mexico thanks to its natural beauty and beautiful architecture. The combination of breathtaking nature and the colonial touch of the town make it a truly unique destination. In particular, we recommend you to visit the Handicrafts Market, Maranatha (Center for Spirituality of Discalced Carmelites), the Church of Santa Maria, famous for the Black Christ, Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, La Peña and La Vega Waterfall.

There is tremendous culinary variety in Valle as well. With abundant offerings in both Mexican and international cuisine, one can dine well no matter their taste. As for nightlife, there are several exciting options. You also have the option of taking a walk on the lake and cruising on a sailboat with live music. In the lake, you can also practice various water sports such as sailing, wind surfing, kayaking, water skiing, sport fishing, and rowing. Additionally, closeby is the forest and the mountains, which offer the possibility of doing motocross, paragliding, go karts, gotcha, golf and even more activities.

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Hop on a horse and take a nice stroll through the woods. Our guides know the routes perfectly and will help bring you an incredible experience. We have several types of horseback riding that can last up to 3 hours (at the rider’s choice). There are severail different routes near Tilostoc river, in Valle de Bravo. You do not need to have any previous experience for this activity. If you already have experience, we also offer a more expansive galloping area.

Price: $ 650 pesos per person (min 2 people).

Duration: one-three hours

Includes transportation and entrance to the monarch butterfly sanctuary Piedra Herrada with a guide.

Precio: Price: $ 650 MXN per person

Duration: four hours

Includes transportation to “El Velo de Novia", the breathtaking waterfall in Avandaro.

PPrice: $ 450 pesos per person

Duration: 2 hours

Valle de Bravo is considered one of the best places in the world for paragliding due to its beautiful views and strong wind. Paragliding with an instructor requires no prior knowledge or experience

Price: $ 1,900 MXN

Duration: 15 to 25 min flying, depending on weather conditions.

Aventuras acuáticas

Put on a pair of skis, a slalom or a wakeboard and jump into the lake for a fun time in the water. If you are new to skiing, you can take beginner ski lessons in which we teach you the basics. If you already know how to ski, we can take you to the best places in the lake for maximum enjoyment and to perfect your skills.

Price: $ 990 pesos

Duration: Per hour

Climb aboard a paddle board for an unforgettable adventure around the lake of Valle De Bravo!

Price: $ 350 MXN for the table

Duration: 90 minutes

Hop into a kayak and experience a unique adventure on the lake of Valle de Bravo.

Price: $ 300 MXN per person

Duration: per hour

Sail the lake of Valle de Bravo aboard a spectular sailboat, powered only by the legendary wind of Valle de Bravo.

Price: $ 1200 MXN.

Duration: per hour


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